About Us


img_19Only 30 short years after the small southwest Florida town known as Ft. Myers, population 349, was incorporated, Virgil Robb and W.R. Lee opened their new furniture and general merchandise store. That year was 1915. Henry Ford’s wife, Clara, traveled the rough shell roads and bought beautiful furniture there for their home on Riverside Drive, now known as McGregor Blvd. The store product lines included the famous Edison Phonograph, but why not, the Edison’s were also good customers. Harry Stucky joined the team two years later in 1917. By 1925, Lee had left the business and the company was officially known as Robb & Stucky.

In 2011, a new Robb & Stucky was formed when the family of Samuel Kuo, founder and CEO of Samson Holding Ltd. purchased the brand and intellectual properties. With new executive leadership, the revitalized brand opened its first showroom in 2012 in Fort Myers.

BB0T0531_med_croppedToday the company operates showrooms in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota and now Coral Gables on Florida’s east coast. With the brand’s expansion off to a great start, Robb & Stucky will continue to establish itself on the east coast and open a new Boca Raton showroom early 2017.

“We have always had our eyes set on Boca Raton,” said Steve Lush, Robb & Stucky President, “We are beginning to firmly establish our brand on Florida’s east coast as we have on the west.” Lush continues, “Our consistent growth is a testament to our commitment to Florida and our promise to provide the ultimate shopping experience for our clients. It is a new day for Robb & Stucky, one that is bright and promising. We invite everyone to be a part of it.”