About Us


About Us

Robb & Stucky is a young company with a very long history. But today and always, our story has always been about people. People who are passionate about home shop Robb & Stucky. They come for what’s new and what has staying power. Our shoppers expect a great selection and a store presentation that sparks ideas (they’re not disappointed on either count). They come expecting expert design service when they need it and a solo shopping experience when they don’t. They say that we are welcoming, helpful and creative (which just makes our day). Interestingly, today’s Robb & Stucky shoppers are pleasantly surprised when they see our price tags. Because like you, Robb & Stucky believes living life beautifully is not just for the wealthy few, but for everyone with taste, style, and a desire to make the most of their homes.

The Back Story

Robb & Stucky is celebrating its 100th birthday. We think we look pretty good for our age. What’s our secret? It’s the company we keep (we love our customers), spiked with a lot of creativity and openness to change. For 100 years, through good times and tough times, Robb & Stucky has been “home” to generations of Floridians. Together we voted in 24 presidential elections. We battened the hatches for hundreds of hurricanes and tropical storms. We tee-totaled during Prohibition. We danced the Charleston and the twist. Telephones and cell phones, turbo engines and search engines all came of age with Robb & Stucky. Floridians were perched on the edge of Robb & Stucky sofas as they watched the first man walk on the moon. Together, we beat the Great Depression and, more recently, the great recession. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that America, Florida and Robb & Stucky ALWAYS come back.

Setting The Record Straight

Robb & Stucky went bankrupt in February 2011. There, it’s said. These were very dark days in the company’s long history. Many customers were disappointed. The furniture industry lost a retail giant. Many talented individuals were no longer employed. Be assured that none of the former owners, bankers, investors or upper-echelon executives, who led Robb & Stucky into bankruptcy, are associated in any way with the new Robb & Stucky. Simply put, we wouldn’t have them. Today, we cannot really answer for why such a great company failed because none of the new leadership team was involved. However, what we can do – and are doing – is reestablish a brand worthy of your respect and patronage. This is our passion and our singular goal today… But wait, we’re getting ahead of the story. Read on.

What Happened Next

Bankruptcy, liquidation and extinction seemed to be the “future” for Robb & Stucky. That is, until Mr. Samuel Kuo, a Taiwanese businessman entered the picture in the Spring of 2011. Mr. Kuo and his family acquired the Robb & Stucky name with a dream and a plan to restore the brand. Mr. Kuo’s first step was to name Steve Lush president of the all-new Robb & Stucky. Steve migrated to Southwest Florida from Pennsylvania (by way of North Carolina). Interestingly, Steve was actually born into the furniture business. His dad, grandfather and great-grandfather before him ran a retail furniture company in Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

Steve knows furniture (you might say it’s in his blood) and he has an eye for great people. He assembled the finest group of furniture and design experts in America. This includes new talent and some Robb & Stucky veterans who helped build the brand in the past. (They were in no way responsible for the bankruptcy.) In short, Robb & Stucky is back with a dynamic team, the best and the brightest, committed to making the company better than ever before. Florida is our #1 focus. But, we’re also interested in exporting this great brand to select cities here in the United States and overseas (stay tuned!)..

In Real Time

The first new Robb & Stucky opened in Fort Myers in January 2012 and our new flagship store in Naples opened in January 2013. We have a great history. Our goal is to create a brilliant future with a retail shopping and design experience that honors our history AND is in step with the way people like you (and us) live today. Robb & Stucky stores ignite the imagination with fresh colors, styles, brands, and personal services. All at prices that will cause you to pause – in a thoroughly good way. We do not believe that great design and beautiful living are only for the wealthy, the elite and the few. We all deserve our share of the American dream. And, we know it starts at home.

About Our Products

We are obsessed with furniture and fine design! The Robb & Stucky buying teams search the world to bring you the finest home furnishings at the very best prices. American brands and products made in American factories are always #1 on our shopping list. Furniture manufacturing has gone global, but America is the capital as far as Robb & Stucky is concerned. While we do shop and source furniture from Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany and Asia, more of our lineup comes from America than any other country. And, regardless of where products are manufactured, Robb & Stucky quality standards are uncompromising – we do this on your behalf. Our large volume buying power always delivers the greatest value to you.